Global Reach

Slick Stitch has an operational footprint covering three continents.  With facilities in Europe, North America and Asia we offer a truly global solution to our customers.  


We have full production capabilities across all of our facilities in all three continents. That full range of services are carried out to the same high standards that we have built our reputation on for the last 35 years.


We ship product from all of our facilities world wide which enables us to offer express shipping to all four corners of the globe. We also integrate with all "Best In Class" global carriers.


Our global footprint is not just made up of addition buildings. We also have experts in embellishment, technology, production and fulfilment across our all of our facilities to support you and your customers.

We take it seriously

We take our responsibility for both our customers and our employees very seriously.  That’s why we not only guarantee that our own behaviour is exemplary but we also insist it of our entire supply chain.  For more information about our policies and standards please contact us.